What is your return policy?

DM us on instagram with your return inquiry and we'll do our best to help

Can you be more detailed about social responsibility?

We try to make decisions that are mutually beneficial to us, and the community. We work with other small businesses, like printers and manufacturers that are based in Canada for all of our clothing. When we do go over seas, it's with trusted collaborators that are fair trade certified

Why aren't you 100% made in Canada?

Simply put, Canada can't grow some of the materials we work with, or would like to work with. So we can't say 100% Made in Canada because that's technically inaccurate

Does bamboo shrink?

Through our own testing, we have found that our bamboo items do not shrink further unless otherwise stated in item descriptions. But to be safe, we still recommend hang drying the items and say to do so on our washing instructions, but if you don't like separating items or you simply forgot, you should have nothing to worry about. You may notice an bamboo item fitting tighter than it had before you washed it, if this item's description does not mention shrinkage, wear it for 30 minutes and it should naturally find its form

Why is your logo a ghost?

Why not

What is MAWB and why did I see something about it before? 

MAWB is a project we are planning to initiate in 2021. Follow us on instagram and subscribe to our mailing list to be updated!

What is uniquitytoronto.com

uniquitytoronto.com is one of our domains. Initially, we were going to build the website ourselves. However, we encountered a number of issues and costs that we, straight up, were not equipped to handle. These issues kept delaying everything else we were planning to complete and thus pushed our release date much further than we initially planned. We finally decided to leave that website for later and made this website with the help of shopify