What is your return policy?

Our return policy is still being developed as we are just starting out. However, if you send us an email, either through the contact us section or at our email info@uniquitytoronto.com with the subject line "Return Inquiry" we would be glad to assist you. Feel free to also DM us on instagram @uniquitytoronto as well

Are you 100% made in Canada?

We mainly work with suppliers and distributors that are based in Canada, but some of them outsource their items. Unfortunately, at our current level, it is not possible to create all of our items 100% in Canada. Additionally, Canada doesn't have some materials we are interested in using down the line, and cannot grow bamboo. However, if we must work outside the country, we only work with factories that can assure us they provide safe working conditions for their employees, and that the employees are paid properly.

Can your items be ironed or steamed?

Yes, they can! However, the items are known to stretch a bit afterwards. This isn't permanent nor drastic and will go back down to its normal size after a while. 

Do you clothes shrink?

Through our own testing, we have found that our bamboo items do not shrink in the drier. To be safe, we still recommend hang drying the items and say to do so on our washing instructions, but if you don't like separating items or you simply forgot, you should have nothing to worry about. 

Why is your logo a ghost?

The ghost is the current central mascot of Uniquity

What is uniquitytoronto.com

uniquitytoronto.com is one of our domains. Initially, we were going to build the website ourselves. However, we encountered a number of issues and costs that we, as students, were not equipped to handle. These issues kept delaying everything else we were planning to complete and thus pushed our release date much further into the summer than we initially planned. We finally decided to leave that website for later and made this website with the help of shopify.